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Gaiam Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller

Thegaiam restore smart coremassage kit provides you with all the tools you need to start your body as well as your mind functioning at their best. Thismassage kit includes a pre-measured massage foam roller, which is perfect for those with joint pain or tension. Additionally, there's a range of body wash and fragrance free material to help keep your skin looking healthy and feelgoody since this will also be a daily use piece of massage equipment.

Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller

Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller

By Gaiam Americas

USD $9.09

Top 10 Gaiam Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller 2022

This 12-inch size is for use on a body with a long and thin skin. It reduces inflammation and pain with a gentle and short-lasting motion.
thegaiam restore back therapy foam roller is the perfect tool for restoring function and stability to the back of the neck. This gaiam restore therapy foam roller is made from high quality materials and is designed to give your neck from general discomfort and injury. The roller is easy to use and is ideal for use in within minutes.
this is a gaiam restore muscle therapy foam roller. This roller is made of durable plastic and is designed to help restore body massage to clients. The roller is designed to move contractions and contractions.